Two words that changed my life

The term “Migrate” and “Adapt” seem to be yet another usual word, but that was not usual for me when I had moved to INDIA. Many people had told me India is the best country for education and you would have a good career. But all I could think of at the age of 13 is how could I live without shawarma. I know it sounds bad, but at that age that was all I could think.

I lived in Ruwais which was a small town located 240kms west of Abu Dhabi City. Even though it was a small town it had everything a teenager would dream of, a big playground, friends, cycle tracks, etc. So to sum it up, I could say I was having my best time and was enjoying every part of my life. Then comes one day when my parents came to me and told me I would be shifting to India for a better education. No matter what my parents are my savior and hero, at that time all I knew was whatever decisions my parents took that would always be the best. So I nodded my head and gave them a smile. At one side my dad was all happy that I liked their decision but was also sad for the fact that he needs to stay away from me. After a few days myself along with my brother and mother had shifted to Chennai.

Chennai is the capital of state Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is located on the southern part of India and Chennai is located on eastern part of Tamil Nadu. Being a developing city in India, it was a little setback for me. Being a new place without friends and playgrounds, where I use to spend a lot of my time, I was a little worried how I am going to survive. After giving entrance exams in various schools and being shortlisted in almost all we had to narrow it down to one. After long discussions we had finally chosen one. Chettinad Vidyashram was my school name.

Then came my first day of school where I was so much excited about getting new friends. I entered my classroom where I could find hardly 5 people sitting inside and talking within themselves. As I entered two out of five came to me asking who I am. I then told them my name, and they figured out I was a new student in this school. They welcomed me and asked about me. Then they introduced me to their friends and students started pouring in as time passed by. Later we had our morning assembly where the entire playground was filled with approximately 500+ students. All were singing their usual morning assembly song but I was just standing still with no clue about what was happening. After this our classes commenced, and teachers came and asked to tell about ourselves. To be honest I got bored of telling the same answer to all my teachers and also listening to all the same story which my other classmates told. Then time had passed and my first day got over. But on a whole I didn’t like my first day nor did I hate it.

Months had passed and it was the same routine, get up at morning, take a shower, eat my breakfast, pack my lunch, wait for my bus, go to school, come home, do my homework, eat dinner and then go to bed and sleep. Few weekends we went out and a few we would play cricket and the rest went in preparing for exams. I didn’t like this life I was living. All I wanted was to go back to Ruwais. Then came my vacations during which I got to travel to Ruwais. I got a chance to go meet my father and a couple of my friends. During this vacation I played a lot with my friends and I was having so much fun.

On a Friday when I was sitting with my family, we were talking about random topics and then my parents had asked me how’s India? I replied them it’s bad, I don’t like it. They were shocked to listen it from me because I never told them how much I hated my life there. Then my parents sat with me and explained me everything. How my future would be and what all were my opportunities. After a long discussion I got to thinking why I shouldn’t adapt to the environment I am living? Why don’t I want a change? Then I had realized everything happened for a reason. I have to adapt to whichever environment I am put in no matter how tough it is. Then from that time till now I have been staying in Chennai and I Love this place more than Ruwais. This city brought the adult inside me, and it shaped me to the person whom I am now.

If I had not agreed to my parents when they said you are moving to India maybe my life would have been better or maybe not. But this change that happened in my life made it more than better. I would now say the word Migrate and Adapt are those two golden words that changed me and molded me to the person whom I am now.

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